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Мотив Don't Cry Tonight, произведено Savage.

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Музыкант или группа: Savage

Наименование песни: Don't Cry Tonight

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Изменён: 2014-12-21

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When you find the light to an upset shade away
If you never, never let me go with every melody
And you often went and leaving just my life
If youre really not to tug and
Buy too many fantasy... me too
When you need to get another chance today
For a thunder is the past a path we are human been
Do you rather like to feel what is my life
If youre really going to listen baby
At my fantasy... and me
Dont let me go
Dont cry tonight
Dont let me go
Dont cry tonight
Just a random access memories of dreams
As youre hangin upon me, do you love melody
To be a golden toys to an upset time away
As were human been at last we have the melody... we too
Dont let me go
Dont cry tonight
Dont let me go
Dont cry tonight(5)

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